Behavior Consultation & Rehabilitation

Behavior Consulations and Rehabilitative services are offered to help the pet owner and their dog with more serious issues such as fear, anxiety, reactivity, and aggression. These types of issues are not merely training related issues, so they require specialized protocols to address them.  

Behaviors that fall into this category of service include:

    • Fear of people, places, things
    • Reactivity (lunging/barking/arousal/growling/snapping) towards people, other dogs, etc
    • Biting humans or fighting other dogs
    • Noise and/or thunder phobia
    • Separation anxiety
    • Resource guarding / possessiveness

If you are interested in learning if a Behavior Consult and Rehabilitation is appropriate for your dog or to schedule a consult, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or 919-818-2949.


The Behavior Consultation serves the purpose of clarifying various aspects of the problem, identifying the possible underlying reasons and associated risks, determining prognosis for treatment, and making treatment recommendations.  A behavior consult does not commit the family to rehabilitative work, but should the family pursue this, the trainer will develop a treatment plan based on the behavior consult and assist the family with implementation of the treatment.  

What to Expect:  The trainer will meet with the family at their home for the behavior consult wherein the trainer will gather a history of the dog's problem(s) and the family's concerns.  The trainer will also generally observe the dog during this appointment, if this can be done safely. Preliminary information will be provided to the family at this appointment regarding initial thoughts and recommendations.  The consultation appointment will take approximately 75 minutes.  

Following, the consultant will provide a written behavior assessment report to the family that will more completely discuss diagnostic impressions, risks, prognosis, and recommendations for treatment. The family can then make an informed decision about commiting to rehabilitative work.


The fee for the Behavior Consultation is: 

      • Johnston, Wayne, and Sampson counties - $75;  
      • Wake county - $85;  
      • Please contact us for fees in other areas.


Rehabilitation sessions will occur at the family's home and/or in the community, depending on the dog's specific issues.  Generally these will occur weekly or bi-weekly initially and become less frequent as the dog/family progresses.  The trainer will consult with the family by phone and/or e-mail in between sessions.

 The fee for Rehabilitation Services is

        • Johnston, Wayne, and Sampson counties - $60/hour -or- a package of 5 sessions for $270
        • Wake county -  $70/hour -or- a package of 5 sessions for $320
        • Please contact us for fees in other areas.