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                          and Effective!!



At On The Mark dog training: 

  • We provide a positive and supportive learning environment for you and your dog.
  • Owners discover how dogs learn best and most quickly as well as how to communicate with their dogs in ways he/she will clearly understand.
  • Owners learn how to use their dog's favorite things (food, toys, Phoenix - walkingactivities, touch, and praise) to change behavior and teach new skills. 
  • Dogs will learn more appropriate behaviors and new ways to cope with things in their environment.
  • Results are fast because dogs are excited to train and motivated to learn. 
  • Owners and dogs will have fun together PLUS build strong relationships based on mutual enjoyment and respect.


We achieve these things by using a positive and reward-based training approach that is kind, compassionate, and respectful towards both the dogs AND the humans we help. We adhere to a 'no-force' training philosophy because we believe everyone (dogs included) learns better without force.

Training with an emphasis on positive interactions and rewarding desireable behavior means both you and your dog will ENJOY training, have FUN together, and get AMAZING RESULTS!  

We would love to work with you and your dog at On The Mark Dog Training. Please look over our site for more information about us and our services and feel free to contact us with questions or for help for you and your dog.

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      "Positive" training promotes a

 positive relationship!



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